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Araku Valley Tourism and Resorts

Araku Resorts

Elevate Your Retreat: Unwind and Rejuvenate at Araku Resorts

Discover an appropriate blend of nature's allure and delicate consolation at our mesmerizing Araku Resorts. Tucked away amidst the serene landscapes of Araku Valley, our resorts provide an wonderful get away for the ones looking for a rejuvenating getaway. Here's why our Araku Resorts stand out as the epitome of an unforgettable excursion:

Natural Splendor: Immerse your self in the fascinating beauty of Araku Valley. Our accommodations are strategically nestled in the lap of lush green hills, offering a sensory dinner party of clean mountain air, colourful vegetation, and breathtaking views.

Luxurious Abode: Experience luxurious at its finest with our meticulously designed hotels. From comfy rooms to stylish suites, every detail is curated to provide you with exceptional consolation and relaxation.

Spectacular Views: Indulge your senses with sweeping vistas of Araku's picturesque landscapes. Each window frames a panoramic view so as to leave you awe-struck and rejuvenated.

World-Class Amenities: Our resorts boast an array of pinnacle-notch facilities, which include spa facilities, infinity swimming pools, well being centers, and more. Rejuvenate your body and mind in an ecosystem of natural indulgence.

Culinary Excellence: Embark on a culinary adventure like no other with our diverse dining options. Our talented chefs craft outstanding dishes starting from local cuisine to worldwide cuisines, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic enjoy.

Adventurous Pursuits: Whether you're an adventure seeker or a tranquility lover, our hotels provide a plethora of sports. Explore nature trails, embark on guided treks, or genuinely unwind through soaking within the breathtaking beauty.

Heartfelt Hospitality: Experience Araku's renowned warm temperature and hospitality through our committed group of workers. Every moment of your stay is meticulously designed to ensure you sense pampered and cared for.

Unforgettable Events: Our inns provide an extremely good backdrop for weddings, corporate retreats, and unique celebrations. With brand new facilities and impeccable provider, your events are expanded to unforgettable experiences.

Escape the normal and embody the first rate at our Araku Resorts. Book your stay now and permit us to redefine your concept of an excellent retreat, in which nature's allure meets subtle luxurious.

Araku 2 Days Tour Package

Adults(10+ Years) - Rs.4500/-
Children(5-10 years) - Rs.3500/-

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Vizag & Araku 2 Days Tour Package

Adults(10+ Years) - Rs.5000/-
Children(5-10 years) - Rs.4000/-

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Good Morning Resorts

Starts from 1800 to 4000

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